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Rosary Inspired by St Joseph (green) - Australian Flower Series

Rosary Inspired by St Joseph (green) - Australian Flower Series

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This Australian Flower Series Rosary is inspired by St Joseph. It has been prayerfully threaded together with natural green stone beads and accented using our unique, curated resin flower decade beads. Every decade bead encases and timelessly preserves one seasonal Australian Flower. Each rosary has a variety of seasonal Australian flowers encased in resin.

This Rosary comes with our signature 'The Lily Rose Room' prayer card, inspired by St Joseph.

Handmade with:

Silver Plated Metal Alloy Crucifix made in Italy (tarnish resistant)

Silver Plated Metal Alloy Centerpiece made in Italy (tarnish resistant)

Natural stone beads

Resin Flower Decade Beads encasing Australian flowers - see our menu for more details on the resin flower species

Franciscan Knot


Lifetime Warranty: Should your TLRR rosary break, we will repair or replace it. In the unlikely event of this occuring, please contact us and we will gladly help you.

Please note flower species vary due to seasons. 


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Rosary Inspired by St Joseph (green) - Australian Flower Series
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