About Us

Our mission is to give glory to God, in communion with the holy saints and angels, through our prayers and creations and to lovingly facilitate individual and community prayer life with meaningful holywares and handmade rosaries.

Who we are: We are two friends, Vanessa and Miranda. We met a few years ago at Our Lady of the Southern Cross Catholic Parish, Springfield in Brisbane, Australia. We share a love for family, community, creativity and evangelisation.

Where we began: We began as four women, sitting at a kitchen table sharing morning tea, our lives and creativity by beading and praying together. God called Gloria home to Columbia and Fenella was called to focus on her growing family. And then there were two… Miranda and Vanessa.

Our hopes and dreams: God placed on our hearts a dream for the future that brought us hope and joy for newness, creativity and abundance. We felt drawn to starting a small business with several divine purposes:

  • to use our God given talents to serve the world and each other; to create as our Heavenly Father creates.
  • to provide income for our families in a way that honours God and our vocations as women of God and mothers to our children and communities.
  • to be a space and room for prayer, discernment and worship.
  • to continue dreaming of the fullness of what could be with God’s guidance and grace; how we may grow and provide a space of creativity and love for others.

Our God-given inspirations come through prayer and collaboration, tapping into each of our talents and the power of the Holy Spirit.     

We are a sisterhood praying with and for each other, encouraging one another and doing faith and life together.  

Our little business was consecrated to St Joseph on the 29 August 2023. As Joseph nurtured and protected Mary and Jesus, we have asked him to be our protector and guide as we birth this new Godly business. St Joseph’s docility to the Holy Spirit made it possible for him to be sensitive to the directions of God, so we too want to abide in God’s grace always doing the will of the Father.




How did we come to calling our little business “The Lily Rose Room”?

“There are many rooms in my Father's house.” (John 14:2)  

As we discerned a name to call ourselves, we felt very drawn to the word ‘room’ as the Lord had opened up this special time and space for us to come together to pray, to be a sisterhood and to create. 

“I am a rose of Sharon, a lily of the valleys.” (Song of Songs 2:1) 

We are in awe of God’s creation, especially the beauty of flowers. As we prayed about how we could glorify God in this way, we were drawn to the rose and the lily. Traditionally the rose symbolizes our Heavenly Mother’s love for us, her purity, glory and sorrow; and the lily is synonymous with St Joseph’s steadfast love and care for his holy family. The phrase from King Solomon’s Song of Songs reminded us that we are God’s beloved, and He is ours.


We pray our creations bring peace and joy to your prayer life and your home.

Thank you for visiting us, God bless you now and always!

Miranda and Vanessa of The Lily Rose Room.